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How to live longer: The best time to eat to lower blood sugar and promote longevity – Daily Express

Posted: July 5, 2021 at 1:53 am

The development of type 2 diabetes might begin with the pancreas not being able to create sufficient or adequate supplies of insulin, but it is external processes that can help or hinder. Progressive research published in The Endocrine Society journal suggests that the time of day you eat can have an influence on blood sugar levels. "We found people who started eating earlier in the day had lower blood sugar levels and less insulin resistance," said lead researcher Dr Marriam Ali.

Based at the Northwestern University in Chicago, Dr Ali said their results were independent of restrictive diets.

"With a rise in metabolic disorders such as diabetes, we wanted to expand our understanding of nutritional strategies to aid in addressing this growing concern," Ali told fellow researchers.

Presenting at the virtual Endocrine Society's annual meeting, Dr Ali elaborated on her findings.

Analysing data from 10,575 adults, participants were grouped into one of three groups depending on total duration of food intake.

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Those who ate before 8.30am had lower insulin resistance, no matter how many hours they ate throughout the day.

"These findings suggest that timing is more strongly associated with metabolic measures than duration, and support early eating strategies," Ali said.

If you're able to lower your blood sugar which can also be done by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet then you can help ward off disease.

Consistently high blood sugar is associated with heart disease.

This involves ridding yourself of unhelpful habits, such as smoking, inactivity, or drinking too much alcohol.

It's also imperative to get quality shuteye, wear sun protection, and go for regular health check-ups.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says these measures can help prevent:

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How to live longer: The best time to eat to lower blood sugar and promote longevity - Daily Express

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