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HypnotQ Island offers aerial fitness experience in Huntsville – WHNT News 19

Posted: October 15, 2020 at 5:54 pm

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. There are so many ways to work out here in North Alabama. This week on Wellness Wednesday News 19s Jordan Dafnis tested out a style of fitness that not only works your muscles but also stretches you. HypnotQ Island is a brand new fitness experience in downtown Huntsville.

Maybe youve seen aerial performers out at events or shows. This is the type of training they get behind the scenes.

Nydya McQuiller is the owner and also an aerial performer. I love entertaining, I love giving back to people and so I felt that putting them together would be a great thing. So my basis, my purpose, I feel is collaborating the health fitness arts and entertainment together, so that I can give back to the community through my business.

It may look a bit intimidating, but these instructors say this workout is for everyone.

Anyone can come and take this its for the young and the older, I like to call seasoned. You know as far as having strength when you come in. You dont need to have strength when you come in you dont need to have strength, that is what I am here for, said McQuiller.

Its also a workout for all shapes and sizes.

Charyce Ahlschlager is a fitness instructor who also runs the Islands social media. She focuses on making sure plus-sized people or anyone who may feel discouraged from trying this workout knows they can do it.

I focus on the bigger girls, or you know men because often times they feel as though they cant do this and I want to set out to show an example of someone who has been able to do this, said Ahlschlager.

McQuiller also believes health includes body and mind, so she ends each workout with a devotional and opportunity for discussion.

It is very important that you understand its not just about your body it is about your mind so giving that empowerment and letting you know that you are beautiful, you are powerful, you are comfortable in your own skin that is what our initial thing is to give back here, said McQuiller.

So people leave the class feeling like they are walking on air.

For more information on how to take part in an aerial fitness class at HypnotQ Island visit their Facebook.

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HypnotQ Island offers aerial fitness experience in Huntsville - WHNT News 19

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