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If Youve Ever Doubted the Skin-Clarifying Wonders of LED Face Masks, Its Time to Think Again – Yahoo Lifestyle

Posted: July 5, 2021 at 1:47 am

In case you haven't noticed, the beauty industry is fascinated by high-tech gadgets and gizmos lately. There's now a plethora of nifty devices like microcurrent tools and blowdryer-brush hybrids, but one tech-power tool that our complexions can't seem to get enough of is LED face masks. Yes, they may look horrifyingly similar to Michael Myers notorious mask (which makes them double as a Halloween costume, too!), but your pores will thank you for popping one of these on your face for a variety of reasons which well get into. First, lets start with the basics of LED face masks.

According to dermatological nurse and celebrity facialist Natalie Aguilar, LED light therapy is an extremely gentle yet effective skin treatment used for targeting a variety of skin concerns. Depending on how deeply a particular device penetrates, LED therapy is thought to have different biological effects, says Aguilar.

One of the best parts about using LED light for your skin is that it has no downtime, so you can give yourself a quick treatment and immediately head out without any redness or irritation. You can get an intensive LED light treatment on your skin at a medical spa, dermatologist's office, or your facialist if they offer it, but they cost a pretty penny. However, here's some wonderful news: You can also invest in your own LED face mask to use in the comfort of your own bed!

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new LED face mask is the color of the light. Each shade targets a unique issue, so making sure your LED face mask emits the shade you need to address your skin concerns is extremely important. Here's what you need to know about the most popular LED light colors:

Thankfully, a few LED face masks give you the option of multiple shade colors and brightness intensities, but most of them come in either red or blue colors.

Well be honest with you while LED light therapy masks are usually cheaper than most in-office LED treatments, they can still get pretty pricey. Weve provided a range of products that vary in price that dont sacrifice quality but dont be surprised if you still end up shelling out $200-plus on one of these devices.

With that being said, think of purchasing one as an investment. Considering that one session of LED light therapy at the spa can cost around $25-$85 per session on average (meaning it can be even more expensive, depending on where you go), purchasing one for home treatments can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Of course, you want to get the biggest bang out of your buck. So, making sure your LED face mask has enough light to actually make a difference is essential. Most LED face masks can range anywhere from as few as five lights to an intensive 200 lights. While you may be thinking that more equals better, staying within that LED light range is the most effective and most common. If you'd like something more intense, then we recommend going to your trusted skincare professional for an in-office treatment.

Looking for a quick 10-minute treatment, or would you rather relax and binge some of your favorite shows while you chill in your LED face mask? Some masks have shorter treatment times, while others can run for 30-plus minutes. But if we're honest, it's more about consistency than the length of each treatment session. It's all about preference as long as your LED face mask frequently (at least three times per week), your treatments will be effective.

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If Youve Ever Doubted the Skin-Clarifying Wonders of LED Face Masks, Its Time to Think Again - Yahoo Lifestyle

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