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Introducing the Prevention Fitness Collection for Your Home Gym – Prevention.com

Posted: March 11, 2021 at 6:44 am

Working out at home is perfect in almost every way: The commute is terrific, nobodys hovering nearby waiting for your weights, and the shower has all your own stuff in it. But one area where gyms usually have the upper hand is in their top-quality equipment. Thats why we paired up with Paradigm to create the Prevention Fitness Collection. Its a carefully curated range of fitness equipment designed for home use but as professional and well-made as anything youd find in the fanciest of gyms.

Fitness experts like to say that the best kind of exercise is one that youll actually do. Thats why it's so important to invest in products that fit your life (and the space you have in your home!). The Prevention Fitness Collection features equipment for low-impact workouts and its versatile enough for people at any fitness level; itll motivate, not intimidate.

We believe that with the right tools, you can get an amazing workout in your living room or basement. Enhance and perfect your workout with our stationary bikes, weight benches, inversion tables, and more. Available now on Amazon!

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1Foldable Weight Bench


The details are what make this workout bencha standout:Thenice, thick cushions have an anti-slip texture (so smart) and are easy to clean, thanks to thesweat-resistant polyurethane leather covering.Plus, it folds for easy storage. Its a versatile must-have for a home gym, no matter what your fitness level.

2Recovery Exerciser


If youre easingyour way back into fitness, this recovery exerciser will give you the low-impact workout you need. The motorized machinewillhelp you strengthen muscles, boost circulation, and improve balance.Use it sitting or standing and with your hands, feet, or both.

3Under Desk Exercise Bike

$156.44 (22% off)

Dont really have time for a workout? No problem. This discreet stationary bike fits right under your desk, so you can pedal while you work. (Or take a break from emailing and do a higher resistance workout!)Just choose from 14 levels of magnetic tension to customize your "ride."

4Inversion Table


Just call this your feel-better machine: The safe, sturdy inversion table not only helps you stretch, but has aheated therapeutic massage padwith a variety of levels to choose fromto relieve muscle stress.

5Weight Scale

Track not just your weight, butyour overall health:This scale's four high precision sensors allow it to measure body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat, and more. Connect it to the MyCloudFitness app via Bluetooth for analysis and tracking to help youreach your fitness goals.

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