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I’ve Done This Hip Mobility Exercise For 5 Months, and It’s Decreased My Hip Tightness – POPSUGAR

Posted: November 5, 2020 at 11:57 am

A year ago I had surgery on my hip, and I've religiously been going to physical therapy ever since to regain my mobility and return to sport. I do a variety of mobility exercises, but the one that has arguably made the greatest impact on my recovery is the 90/90 exercise. It's improved my hip mobility and has helped me regain full function of my hip, which is important for overall health and for those who partake in physical activity.

You don't have to have had surgery to benefit from this exercise. Trainers and fitness professionals are beginning to focus on and implement mobility work into their programming, and this is arguably one of the most popular and accessible exercises for people to do. If you have tight hips and you're unable to perform squat and hinge movements with a full range of motion, this exercise is for you. Not to mention, it can help prevent injury, lower back pain, and knee pain.

It looks easy to do, but I'm warning you now that it is challenging. To reap the benefits of this exercise, you're going to have to perform it consistently (I'm talking at least three times a week), be patient, and make sure you're moving with intent.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tamara Pridgett

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I've Done This Hip Mobility Exercise For 5 Months, and It's Decreased My Hip Tightness - POPSUGAR

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