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"LeBron James has to do so much more just to stay ahead": Grammy-winning rapper J Cole pays tribute to the… – The Sportsrush

Posted: May 13, 2021 at 1:52 am

J Cole will be turning out in the Basketball Africa League for the Patriots BBC. He gave his props to LeBron James in an interview with Slam magazine.

At the age of 36, Cole is now fulfilling a long-standing dream of his to play professional basketball. The North Carolina native has often talked about his love for hooping and his high school hoops dreams in his songs.

J Cole recently released a new documentary titled The Off-Season which features a few clips of him in shooting practice. The documentary reveals how Cole used basketball as a way to keep his creative motivation going.

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It seems that Cole has allowed basketball to become more than just a pastime. Hes waxed eloquent about his passion for basketball consistently through his mixtape and records over the years.

Jermaine is the same age as one LeBron James a man whos spent half his life playing professional basketball against athletic freaks. Cole isnt quite there in terms of longevity in the rap game. So he understands just how incredible Jamess motivation levels and competitive nature truly is.

He talked about this in his recent interview with Slam Magazine. Cole has become the first music artist to be featured on the cover of the basketball magazine. This interview is a part of their cover story and profile on Coles latest projects:

The main parallel that I always draw between music and basketball is like,Yo, its just a matter of hours. The difference between the pro guy that sits on the bench and the superstar, its just a matter of intentional hours.

Theyre both really good, but that final foot of separation comes in the amount of hours that were put in. I think in order for any of those guys to be great, like LeBron, Steph, Damian Lillard, Kyrie, KD, there has to be an insane work ethic. You know what I mean?

Especially looking at LeBron, the age he is. He has to commit way more to his body. You know what I mean? He has to do so much more than these other guys, just to stay ahead.

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"LeBron James has to do so much more just to stay ahead": Grammy-winning rapper J Cole pays tribute to the... - The Sportsrush

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