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Letter: Fitness workers’ quick response made the difference in emergency – SW News Media

Posted: April 16, 2021 at 1:49 am

We would like to express our gratitude and applaud the quick and absolutely professional response of the staff at the Chanhassen Snap Fitness.

The staff was unable to contact me at home when my husband, Gene, felt dizzy as he was working out and knew something was wrong on Tuesday morning April 6. The staff had him sit and then called 911.

He was taken by ambulance and quickly given a clot-busting IV at Methodist Hospital for the stroke in progress.

The immediate response was the ultimate outcome of what saved him from serious stroke damage and possibly a more tragic outcome. We cannot thank them enough and realize they followed protocol to the max.

The entire hospital staff at Methodist Hospital, emergency, ICU, and stroke wing, who were fabulous as well, kept repeating the necessity of quick response to an emerging situation. They too applaud Snap Fitness.

The emergency nurse, a veteran of 32 years, was in tears as to how quickly Gene was responding. Credit needs to given to Cody and Mike at Snap Fitness. If this incident had happened at home, I probably would not have given that kind of urgency to the stroke in progress.

My advice to seniors or any other individual, is "Do not hesitate and think you can handle a problem." Call 911. You hear this kind of advice all the time. Listen, act, be smart and the health outcome can make all the difference for your life.

God Bless Cody and Mike and whoever trained them to be caretakers of the body and the spirit. We are so grateful. It was truly a blessing and we are grateful to the Lord for his abiding presence.

See the article here:
Letter: Fitness workers' quick response made the difference in emergency - SW News Media

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