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My son is extremely shy and hides his face when he sees people approaching him – Times of India

Posted: November 23, 2020 at 7:00 am

Query: My boy is 3 years 9 months old. He is very active at home. But he is shy and hides his face if he sees someone coming to the home or if he goes outside. Even if he has been seeing his school classmates or our neighbours daily still he feels shy and hides from them. He never looks face to face to teachers or the same age as other children even though he has been doing class for more than 1 year. We also tried to take him to the park and other activity places. We tried to make him comfortable with children, but he never speaks or plays with any other children. He plays alone. He knows every rhyme, stories, but when anyone asks to speak or recite, he will not. If I force him, he speaks very slowly and hides the face. Please help. Naresh Chandra SahooResponse by Dr Rachna K Singh: Every child goes through a different phase in life. Some of them may develop different behavioural traits at some or the other point of time. It's very common for children to become uncomfortable in new settings and this may inhibit them to not open up very easily. Common reasons for the same could be personality traits or witnessing similar behaviour in others, family relationships etc. It may also be possible that they could have seen some movies with similar concepts or have developed some fear of outsiders or unfamiliar situations.

Some of the tips which could help him deal with his fears are:

1. You could share some personal coping strategies youve learned over the years on overcoming shyness and tell your child about the many advantages of not being shy by offering examples from your own life.2. You may also encourage outgoing behaviour by praising your child when they handle an unfamiliar situation or meet a new person without resorting to shyness and rewarding them with something of their interest.

3. Try goal-setting with your child. Aim for small, incremental steps and praise them for their progress. For example, saying hello to another child may be a big first step.

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My son is extremely shy and hides his face when he sees people approaching him - Times of India

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