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New Book Back Pain: How to Treat Upper and Lower Back Pain Released

Posted: January 23, 2014 at 9:51 am

(PRWEB) January 23, 2014

Written for patients and medical professionals alike, Back Pain: How to Treat Upper and Lower Back Pain serves as educational and discovery guide to help readers understand chronic pain issues.

The book guides readers to discover possible causes of their back pain, and potential solutions so patients can lead a life they might not thought was possible: a life without pain.

Ronald M Lieberman, D.O. is a nationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of an array of painful spinal disorders. He is a board-certified physiatrist in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as Pain Management. He has over 15 years of experience in interventional spine pain management, and sports medicine.

Patients come to him for his individualized holistic solutions that encompass alternative regenerative therapies. Through his experience and aptitude to help patients, hes created this book, Back Pain: How to Treat Upper and Lower Back Pai n, which is now available on Amazon.

The book relays important information in a clear and factual manner in text and diagrams that can provide further insight for medical professionals who are stumped by their patients conditions or for patients who want more of an answer than what they have been getting from doctors, and dont want to just learn to live with their pain.

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About Ronald M Lieberman Ronald M Lieberman, D.O. received his training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and his medical degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Lieberman, specializes in diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections as well as in advanced interventions, with more than 15 years of experience in interventional spine pain management and sports medicine. He is a national instructor for the International Spinal Injection Society and is actively involved in physician proctoring of interventional pain management relieving strategies and procedures.

Board Certifications: The American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Professional Memberships: North American Spine Society American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation International Spine Intervention Society American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Medical Society of the State of New York International Cellular Medicine Society American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians

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New Book Back Pain: How to Treat Upper and Lower Back Pain Released

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