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Posted: February 19, 2021 at 3:50 am

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) -- A Sioux Falls boutique launched its own signature scent thanks to the help of a South Dakota perfume maker.

"It's just like Juliana's, we have a nice mix of casual to classy and sophisticated, we feel Juliana is not too floral, not too sweet, with that added pepper and woodsiness," Juliana's co-ownerLana Olshove said.

Last week Juliana's Boutique launched its own perfume.

"We sold out within 24 hours and we still have people wanting a bottle of perfume or a bottle ofJuliana," Olshove said.

A unique scent thanks to a partnership with the creator of Prairie Artisan Fragrances.

"I've been making perfume since 2006," Jennifer Gilbertz said.

Jennifer Gilbertz designed the unique scent Juliana's owners were looking for.

"I try to make everything have a little bit of South Dakota in it, like Juliana's fragrance with black currant in it that grows wild in South Dakota," Gilbertz said.

Her full line of products is sold at boutiques all over the country; all of the scents and names of her products relate back to South Dakota where she makes all of her scents.

"I have a lab in my house," Gilbertz said. "You get kind of the body that you want and then you add the little frills and artistic, creative things on the side to make it all come together."

Gilbertz went to school in France to learn how to create her own perfumes and other scented products.

"We've carried Prairie Artisan for a few years now and we know what Jennifer is capable of," Olshove said. "It's just fun to tell people we have South Dakota right here in Juliana's."

Juliana's has a new shipment of their perfume coming in soon and may turn the scent into lotions and other self-care goods in the future.

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