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Oatmeal vs Chiropractor… MY DEFENSE! – Video

Posted: November 29, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Oatmeal vs Chiropractor... MY DEFENSE!
Here is my original post: "Piece of advice for the day and please take heed! If your CHIROPRACTOR is telling you that oatmeal is bad for you because it breaks down into sugar then fat............GET A NEW CHIROPRACTOR!" Their response: "Going to the defense of chiropractors... They have a DOCTORATE, for real. With more hours of nutritional education than MDs and enough to have a masters in nutrition. If you don #39;t think that oatmeal breaks down into blood sugar and will be stored as fat if there is a surplus of blood sugar then you need to learn more about nutrition." Thanks for checking me out and subscribing! Please share this video with your family, friends, or whoever if you like it! Be sure to stay tuned for more vlogs, reviews, and training clips! My Official Website ifpaprorjperkins.net Aesthetics Training Gear Clothing http Aesthetics Training Nutrition ifpaprorjperkins.net twitter.com facebook.com Email Me mr_aestheticz@yahoo.com Facebook Fan Page facebook.com Twitter Timeline twitter.com My Sponsors Scivation - scivation.com JackedPack.com - http Schiek - schiek.com Thanks for subscribing!From:IFPAProRJPerkinsViews:4 0ratingsTime:12:24More inSports

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Oatmeal vs Chiropractor... MY DEFENSE! - Video

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