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Physician of the soul on We Deserve Better with Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC – BlogTalkRadio

Posted: November 25, 2020 at 12:55 am

**SPECIAL EPISODE** If you've ever desired toliberateyour consciousness from the physical plane to theprimordial state of peace, bliss,and oneness, then you need to follow the trail ofDr. Gabriel Cousens.This"spiritual warrior" has forged a path to the Holistic Liberation Way, through years of intensive spiritual intention and meditation. His astonishing new bookInto the Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography, reveals the mystical wild ride he personally took to becoming liberated, merginginto the state of God-consciousness.

Gabrielfound the path to free the soul from the body and mind consciousness. He is aholistic physician, rabbi, yogi, mystic, psychiatrist, family therapist, and peace ambassador. His bookdiscusses his journey into spiriual freedomwhere hewalks the planet in the state of Eternal Presence.Yet he lives in the real world where his good works and spiritual guidance change lives daily. He lives, as he says, in the world between Nothing (the world beyond time) and Something (the temporal world)-and experiences a fully integrated life that is joyful, grateful,and peaceful.

Gabriel will discuss how he got here. His tale beginswith his spiritual empowerment on the football field as a College Football Hall of Famer and captain of hisCollege Team.Next, he practicedpsychiatry, family therapy and holistic medicine. His spiritual quest began in an India ashram,freeing his consciousness to dissolve into the Nothing,He was then led to understand the Torah (specifically, the most mystical aspects of Judaism.) Becoming a rabbi after 12 years of study,during which he discoveredliberation.Lastly, heexploredthe Native American tradition, where he become aSpirit Dancer.

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Physician of the soul on We Deserve Better with Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC - BlogTalkRadio

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