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Powerlifter Jawad to launch fitness app in 2021 to aid disability well-being – Insidethegames.biz

Posted: December 4, 2020 at 12:57 pm

A new disability fitness app, AccesserCise Fitness, is set to launch in the summer of 2021 after being developed by Britain's world champion Para-powerlifter, Ali Jawad.

The Rio 2016 silver medallist is one of Britain's most successful Paralympians and has now developed the app after research shows that 90 per cent of disabled people are currently underserved in the fitness market.

Its launch coincided with International Day of Persons with Disabilities yesterday and now AccesserCise is set to be initially released in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Jawad and his team look to deliver on their goal of driving positive change for disabled people to make all sport and fitness venues and their equipment, accessible to all people.

This app will allow venues to be rated by their accessibility directly by members of the disabled community, forcing change by putting pressure on Governments to change legislation to benefit disabled people.

There will also be a "Verified Gyms" feature which will show users which gyms have been given an accessibility award by the app.

"For too long, disabled people have faced barriers to entry when it comes to identifying the best places to exercise, no matter their level," said Jawad, who founded AccesserCise.

"Whilst we have made huge inroads in the UK and some other nations in changing perceptions and leading the way for sport and exercise for the disability community, we still have a long way to go.

"Exercise must be seen as something for all, regardless of impairment, and that's why I launched AccesserCise - to help break down barriers and change the way the disability community exercises.

"Around 15 per cent of the world's population is disabled, yet there is still today, a gaping void in the fitness app market to help make exercise easier and more accessible for disabled people like me.

"In the first five countries where AccesserCise will launch next year, there are over 86 million potential users that could benefit from the app.

"Through AccesserCise, I want to help transform the lives of as many of those people as possible - and make the world a better place to exercise."

The app is set to also have special features including an exercise library for those with impairments, a nutrition section, advice from dieticians as well as blogs and podcasts.

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Powerlifter Jawad to launch fitness app in 2021 to aid disability well-being - Insidethegames.biz

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