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Puris Holdings and Livekindly Collective’s joint ventures target plant-based nutrition and regenerative agriculture – FoodIngredientsFirst

Posted: February 11, 2021 at 6:51 am

11 Feb 2021 --- Puris Holdings, an early pioneer in plant-based food systems, has begun two new joint ventures with the Livekindly Collective, a collection of heritage and start-up brands. The companies want to accelerate the adoption of plant-based nutrition by solving some of the biggest challenges in the supply chain today. The JVs involve soil enhancing, protein-rich crops and innovation with plant protein industry waste streams.

The main goal is to pave the way for a more sustainable food system, with LiveKindly marketing itself as on-track to becoming one of the worlds largest plant-based food companies.

Last year, LiveKindly Collective was rebranded from Foods United, having raised US$135 million in October to develop plant-based chicken alternatives.

The companies will combine Puris expertise in plant-based food development with Livekindly Collectives network of global leaders in the plant-based space.

The plant-based food industry is experiencing unparalleled growth, on track to hit US$85 billion by 2030, and the full supply chain must scale along with it, says Nicole Atchison, CEO of Puris Holdings.

Joining forces with Livekindly Collective allows us to push all parts of the industry forward, ensuring it scales sustainably and affordably. Both Livekindly Collective and Puris believe in a future where our food system is a force for good benefiting people and the planet.

Future plant-based alternativesPuris Holdings and Livekindly Collective have formed two joint ventures aimed at addressing sustainable food at scale.

The first will deliver innovation against plant protein industry waste streams, developing simple, clean, plant-based foods for like-minded brand partners that create food consumers want to eat and feel good about buying.

The pair has pledged to invest in disruptive solutions to maximize the use of all parts of the plant, thus improving the environmental impact of plant-based nutrition starting with crops, the plant-based industrys foundation.

The second venture is focused on accelerating the global adoption of soil enhancing, protein-rich crops. The teams aim to foster agricultural wealth and social inclusiveness by leading a measurable shift from degenerative to regenerative farming practices.

What got us here will not take us where we need to go, adds Mark Hassenkamp, chief agriculture operations director of Livekindly Collective. We are facing an existential question of how to feed ourselves in the face of growing demand, diminishing resources and the need for sustainability.

Propelling pea proteinTogether with Puris, Livekindly Collective is aiming to accelerate the growing global plant-based food conversion by realizing seed to silo cost efficiencies, leveraging unique germplasm, digital tools and operational scale to grow more clean, affordable, high-quality food, explains Hassenkamp.

As part of the strategy to introduce protein-rich, sustainable crops globally, the two companies first work in Southern Africa, where Puris pea variety has excelled in early trials.

Additionally, the pair will be accelerating development on innovative processes and food products that deliver on affordability, sustainability, and nutrition within the plant-based meat and dairy spaces.

Last June, Livekindly acquired Swedish brand Oumph! and earlier in the year, the company also acquired German plant-based meat company LikeMeat. https://www.foodingredientsfirst.com/news/disrupting-the-plant-based-space-livekindly-acquires-swedish-brand-oumph.html

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Puris Holdings and Livekindly Collective's joint ventures target plant-based nutrition and regenerative agriculture - FoodIngredientsFirst

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