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Roundup: Thriva launches mobile app, digital revolution in social care to bring 127M boost and more briefs – Mobihealth News

Posted: August 15, 2021 at 1:45 am


Together with its development partner, Aerolite AG, Swiss aerospace manufacturer, Pilatus now offers integration of the EpiShuttle in medevac PC-24s.

Created out of the growing demand for air transport solutions for infectious patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, the solution prevents in-flight transmission of viruses to cockpit and cabin crew.

Patient monitoring is ensured by medical equipment placed on a cradle right next to the EpiShuttle and powered by the on-board power supply. As with regular patient transport operations, medical personnel occupy cabin seats in the vicinity of the EpiShuttle, and can attend to the patient.

Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO in EpiGuard, said: "We are glad to see that Pilatus offers the very best patient comfort and safety. With the EpiShuttles features of reclinable backrest, transparent hard-top and excellent patient access, their passengers, both patient and staff, will have a safer and better ride. We are also impressed by Aerolites ingenuity when integrating the EpiShuttle into the medevac PC-24, an excellent aircraft for the transfer of infected patients with the EpiShuttle."


UK-based self-monitoring health app, Thriva has launched its first mobile app that enables people to track their health on the go.

The new app offers access to Thriva services in a secure and private app. Users can access personalised home blood tests, and GP health advice. The app will enable customers to receive instant updates and track their progress on their phone.

Hamish Grierson, CEO & co-founder of Thriva, said: We expect to manage every element of our lives at the touch of a button - from our money, to how we travel and now, our health. Thrivas new app puts better health at your finger-tips with the support you need to understand and improve your health, on the go. This is another step forward on our journey to increase the Health Span of millions of people.


Barts Health NHS trust has deployed new AI technology, supplied by Clinithink, to scan 14.2 million documents to find patients with diabetic foot disease, a potentially serious complication of diabetes.

The software scannedthrough medical records and notes to find 30% more patients with diabetes and 375% more patients with diabetic foot problems, making it easier for clinicians to schedule earlier treatments to save feet and limbs from amputation.

Attempting this scale of analysis manually would have been frankly impossible, said Dr Charles Gutteridge, chief clinical information officer at Barts Health. Theoretically it would have taken one clinician over a hundred years to review that volume of documents. So not only does AI technology help us find patients who we couldnt otherwise find, it also saves precious clinical time. This is a first and most important step in being able to treat many patients earlier than would have been possible using a manual process to find them and preventing the serious complications that may result in amputation.

In the next phase of work planned by the Barts Health team, the characteristics extracted by the software in the cohort it identified, will be used to determine whether this approach can predict which patients are most likely to develop the complications associated with Diabetic Foot Disease (DFD).


Swedish-based global nutrition app, Lifesum has announced that it is a leading nutrition partner on the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series, enabling users to track nutrition and increase daily health.

Unveiled at Samsung Unpacked event on 11 August, Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic are Samsung's next smartwatches with holistic wellness tracking.

The smartwatches will run Wear OS Powered by Samsung and are built jointly with Google. Features include a food tracker, which will help users log meals and track calorie intake, and a water tracker to make staying hydrated during the day more convenient. The Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic will sync with Lifesum on smartphones, so users can monitor their exercise and reach personal fitness goals.

The Galaxy Watch4 services will be available beginning 27 August.


According to investment monitoring platform Pitchbook, 23 European and Israeli unicorn companies, valued at a billion or more, have already completed a record amount of deals this year.

Closing in on 2020's total of 38, the approximate market value of unicorns in Europe also grew to 122.5 billion in Q1 2021. Furthermore, healthcare technology investment grew by 47% in 2020 to a new sector high of $51 billion.

World Nano Foundation co-founder, Paul Sheedy welcomed the increased financial backing for healthcare innovation: "COVID-19 pushed the over-centralised global healthcare systems to their limit in 2020, so it's very promising to see investors supporting and driving the healthtech sector forward that supports early intervention and prevention delivered at the point of care, but this must continue, as the next decade will be pivotal in shaping the future of healthcare."


An analysis of NHS Digitals Social Care Programme found that a drive to expand the use of digital technology in social care is expected to lead to 127 million worth of benefits.

The report also found that new ways of working with digital technology will reduce hospital admissions and GP visits, as well as improve quality of life.

The programme aimsto harness the power of information and technology to help Englands social care sector care for people more and effectively and efficiently.

James Palmer, programme head of the social care programme at NHS Digital, said:We are delighted to see the impact that digital technology introduced through our programme has already had on peoples lives and the multitude of benefits it will bring in the years to come, both on individuals and on the wider health and social care sector.

Our approach throughout has been led by users of the services and we have worked collaboratively with care providers and local authorities, which has given us high confidence they can deliver outcomes and benefits for those commissioning, providing and receiving care.


UK-based digital therapeutics company, my mhealth has announced the first international rollout of its NHS-approved COPD app, myCOPD in New Zealand.

The rollout is initially focused on the Mori and Pasifika population, making it the first NHS approved digital self-management programme for COPD to be available in a clinical setting beyond British borders.

Within one District Health Board (DHB), around 300 patients will be the first in the country to have access to the app, with an aim to expand patient access.

myCOPD provides patients with access to a digital self-management programme, assisting with inhaler technique with inhaler videos, access to online pulmonary rehabilitation and learning how to manage their COPD from experts. Through this platform, healthcare professionals are also able to remotely monitor symptoms of COPD.

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