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Posted: March 18, 2018 at 6:41 am

At Longevity we offer a holistic approach to healthcare that combines Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and nutrition with Western science and diagnostics. We offer one-on-one attention from our expert providers, personalized treatment plans to meet specific health needs, drug-free treatments without side-effects, and comprehensive nutritional evaluations with individualized nutrition regimes. We use whole food supplements from Standard Process and the best quality herbal remedies from Evergreen Herbs. We excel at relieving pain with Acupuncture and holistic preventive care with an emphasis on optimizing overall health, well-being and performance.

What is Energy Evolution? It is Energy Medicine, through the lens of Quantum Physics, in a handy take-home do-it-yourself package. Managing our energy well is the same as gardening: if we pay attention to it, and tend to it, it will flourish and grow! But if we neglect it, let it get filled up with weeds and invasive species, and dont water it, it will lose its beauty and die off. Learn how to be a good gardener of your energy, utilizing the Secrets of the Martial Arts Grandmasters.

All classes are held from 9 am-1 pm, at The Spirit University. All one-day classes are $149, the September class is two days at $298. Scholarships are available for those in need of financial assistance.

This Month: Clearing Negative Energies

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with someone feeling irritable, frustrated, or depressed, when you hadnt been that way before?

Do you find yourself sometimes picking up other peoples negative energies, and having that affect your day?

Energy Vampires can suck us dry of our good life energy. But it doesnt have to be that way. People who are particularly at risk for these experiences are:

Energy vampires and bad energies can have long-term deleterious effects. It is important to clear them because they can cause health and attitude issues and can also affect your ability to channel clearly.

These are the techniques taught to me by the Martial Arts Grandmasters, that are unique to this lineage. They are powerful, simple, and instantly effective.

Longevity Wellness is proud to partner with Spirit University to offer these classes. Please RSVP to office@longevitywc.com, or call (941) 923-9355.

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Sarasota Acupuncture | Acupuncture Sarasota | Natural ...

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