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Spectrum health care workers receive food and thanks – WOODTV.com

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 3:51 am

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) For so many, COVID-19 has become a private battle waged behind the walls of hospitals.

By the patient, whose breath can be taken away in a heartbeat by the puzzling progression of COVID-19.

To the health care workers who are not only tasked with helping save lives but are often the only calming voice for a frightened patient and the loved ones the virus has kept at a distance.

They are overwhelmed. Theyre determined. Theyre compassionate. And theyre courageous, said Tamara VanderArk-Potter, director of communications and marketing with the Spectrum Health Foundation. Its what they live their lives for. But sometimes it gets to be a lot.

Thursday, as many celebrate with a limited number of family and friends, on duty Spectrum Health workers are getting a small gesture of appreciation.

Theres comfort in food, VanderArk-Potter said.

On Thursday afternoon, 230 warm meals were set to arrive.

And thats because a community member, Anna Palmer, started a GoFundMe page and raised funds so that her friends and family could come together and provide meals for staff that are here, VanderArk-Potter said.

And then there were the sweets that began arriving Wednesday thousands of them by the box load.

Its really special to see how our area bakeries are helping us and supporting the workers through all of Spectrum Health, VanderArk-Potter said.

And the message of support went beyond food.

Drawings by a young fives class were handed out along with the treats.

The message from the kids is something we might all learn from.

That its the simple gestures, like offering a smile and a thank you the next time you see a person wearing scrubs, that can make a big difference.

They give their all. And they give their all 24/7. It doesnt change during a pandemic. It just means theres people needing their all, VanderArk-Potter said.

Donations can also help provide that extra gesture. People can donate online.

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