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StemCells, Inc., Hails $40 Million in Awards from California Stem Cell Agency

Posted: September 9, 2012 at 3:50 pm

StemCells, Inc., was quick this morning
with a press release about winning a $20 million award last night from the
California stem cell agency.

The publicly traded, Newark, Ca., firm
also pointed out that the CIRM board in July awarded another $20
million to the business.
The news release hailed the awards as
validating its science and business. Martin McGlynn, who personally
appeared before the CIRM board last night, said,

 "CIRM's approval of two
awards to StemCells illustrates the tremendous promise of
our neural stem cell technology and the high degree of confidence in
the world class team of scientists and clinicians who will be working
to translate this technology into potential treatments and cures for
these devastating diseases." 

On the Alzheimer's award last night,
McGlynn said,

 "With the recent spate of late-stage clinical
failures in Alzheimer's disease, it is clear that the field could
benefit from alternative approaches to lessen the huge burden on
families, caregivers and our healthcare system.

He continued,

"Our recently reported preclinical
data, which showed that our neural stem cells restored memory and
enhanced synaptic function in two animal models relevant to
Alzheimer's disease, shows our approach has promise. We greatly
appreciate the support from CIRM, which should help us accelerate our
efforts to test our HuCNS-SC cells in Alzheimer's disease."

The news release did not note that the
board has required that the firm must show proof that it has access
to $20 million in matching funds prior to receiving cash from the
agency on the Alzheimer's grant. The California Stem Cell Report is
asking CIRM whether that requirement extends to the earlier grant as
One of the analysts who follows the
company released a special report on the firm this morning. Stephen
of LifeTech Capital said,

 “We are reiterating our strong
speculative buy with a price target of $4.50 as StemCells Inc.
continues to distinguishing themselves as one of the most advanced
players in the stem cell space.”

At the time of this writing, the firm's
stock was trading at $2.20 up seven cents. Its 52 week high is $2.67
and its 52 week low is 59 cents.  


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