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Susie Adcock and nature of healing The picture of health – Valley Roadrunner

Posted: December 28, 2020 at 9:59 am

Susie Adcock, owner of Nature of Healing, is a respected Naturopathic Doctor, and has practiced in Valley Center since 1980.

Much as a master creates a finished canvas employing various techniques, colors, and layers, Susie Adcock, Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) paints a picture of healthy living for her clients in Valley Center and around the globe, using a variety of healing modalities.

Wellness Path

Adcock, who holds a certification in nutrition from Trinity College, is a Valley Center resident and owner of Nature of Healing. Her Naturopathic practice offering a holistic approach to wellness since 2000. My interest in naturopathy started with my mom, who used a non-traditional way of healing, Adcock said I remembered her following the author and nutritionist Adelle Davis, using her books as her guide. Total wellness and healthy nutrition were a part of my journey, without realizing they would be part of my future.

Focus on Healing

In the late 90s, a serious health condition, for which the doctor recommended an unnecessary surgery, sent Adcock in pursuit of an alternative to traditional medicine and doctors. I dove into the sciences, medicine, and natural healing, Adcock recalled I wanted to make an impactto help others so they wouldnt have to go through what I experienced.

My previous positions at Salk Institute and UCSD Medical Center opened my eyes to other thought processes and alternatives to current medicine.

She continued, When I was facing surgery, I sought out treatment by former Valley Center resident Candace Paul, ND PhD, who Id read about in The Roadrunner. I found myself eager to learn all she could teach me when, after 26 hours under her care, my condition had disappeared, avoiding any need for surgery.

Adcock was a Valley Center Special Education teaching aide for 22 years. I loved working with my kids, and the flexibility allowed me to pursue my degree, she said. Ever since, I have been a perpetual student. Adcock holds her Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Clayton College of Natural Health.

Visualizing the whole

Naturopathic Medicine, by definition, uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. Naturopathy, as we now know it, was brought to the United States from Germany in the late 1800s, but some of its treatments are centuries old, according to Adcock. It usually takes between 1-2 hours to assess a patient, said Adcock, who works from her Valley Center home office to reduce overhead, providing greater accessibility for her clients. Here we will cover health history, lifestyle habits, and stress levels.

Adcock specializes in assisting cancer patients. She embraces many therapies, including the use of herbs, organic essential oils, various intuitive readings, Reiki (she is a certified Reiki Master), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and nutritional counseling. Each modality she uses helps her frame the clients needs. The goal is to treat the whole personmind, body and spirit. I have always been an intuitive healer, Adcock added. Its my secret weapon.

A Palette of approaches

As a Master Herbalist, Adcock uses herbs from around the world that are known to heal the body of many of what she calls, the worlds diseases. Disease is often the physical bodys reaction to other thingsmental and emotional, she said. I use EFT, also known as tapping to help my clients release deeply-held pain and emotional blocks, she added. Adcock also employs Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), which she described,

allows the body to speak, allowing me to pinpoint the actual areas of discomfort.

The Art of healthy mind, body and spirit

Healing is one of my passions, and I strive to educate and assist those who wish to journey towards being healthy in mind, body and spirit, she said. I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves, and the perception of health is truly personal. We have the ability to heal, or as we sometimes say mind-over-matter it.

Connecting the dots

Ill never forget the moment, early in my studies, that I learned about the enteric nervous system, Adcock recalled. It was a lightbulb moment realizing why my husband had chronic stomach aches with no definable cause, and why my digestion would get thrown off-balance when stress levels rose. I quickly realized that the brain cannot thrive if the gut is imbalanced, and vice versa.

In a broader perspective, Adcock emphasizes that the human body functions in a truly holistic manner with no system of our body functions independently. Believing in the amazing machine that is your body and mind is the first, and I would say most crucial, step towards health, she said.

Framing up wellness

For more information on Nature of Healing, contact Susie Adcock, ND at 760-749-7512, or susiea0917@aol.com. See more about classes, and tips for natural wellness at http://www.natureofhealing.biz, Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/www.natureofhealing.biz/ and Instagram @natureofhealing. Mention this article to receive 10% off an initial natural healing session.

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Susie Adcock and nature of healing The picture of health - Valley Roadrunner

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