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The Effects of Dehydration and Hydration – Video

Posted: November 29, 2012 at 3:50 pm

The Effects of Dehydration and Hydration
My niece has a school science fair project in which she asked what she could do. I suggested that we look into doing a fun experiment on the effects of Dehydration in sports drinks. As a cyclist I have come to learn about all sorts of sports drinks and nutrition being a huge factor on long rides. A friend of mine suggested I try EFS, and I had started using Skratch. Looking at EFS ingredients I noted that they have a ton of electrolytes and Calories. Bree asks the question how do you eat while your riding a bike? So I told her about 2 options (real food, or consuming a fuel source via a sports drink). So of course her next question is what is better? 3 Experiments were done 1 - Dehydration/Re-hydration test with just water. (Weight before and after) 2 - Sports Drink Test with 3 Separate Eggs (From vinegar to sports drinks) 3 - Dehydration/Re-hydration with Sports drinks.From:Kevin CarlsonViews:1 0ratingsTime:14:16More inEducation

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The Effects of Dehydration and Hydration - Video

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