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The golden rules of midlife fitness and all the things youre probably getting wrong – Telegraph.co.uk

Posted: August 15, 2021 at 1:49 am

Midlife Mentors: What people get wrong in their 50sOvertraining

The main thing we see is people realising theyre not where they want to be, so they double down on what they did in their 30s. Instead of running for 20 minutes twice a week, they will run for 40 minutes five times a week. All they are doing is putting increased stress on their central nervous systems and causing their cortisol levels to spike. By overtraining, they areworking against the hormonal changes in theirbody

We see this all the time. The swinging between extreme dieting and gluttony, for want of a better word. Theyll buy the latest fad book and eat only 800 calories, which crashes their metabolism and affects their muscle mass. All the things you dont want to happen. Of course, its not sustainable and then suddenly the pendulum swings back to the drink and cheese

We talk a lot about the internal and external work. What people focus on more is the external work; the need to move more and address their nutrition. What theyre not bringing is their beliefs. Who do Ineed to be to make thistraining and diet sustainable? Theyre notdoing the mental reps that set you up for long-term success

People say they dont have time. And thats not their fault because they havent been educated. People think theyre going to have to make drastic changes in their life; spend hours working out and eating loads of lettuce leaves. Thats simply not the case. We have clients who are running multinational companies on different continents and are so busy but they still find the time. Its about priorities. Twenty minutes of exercise three or four times a week will make a difference. We all find that time to scroll through our phone or watch another Netflix episode

We all know the saying eatbreakfast like a king, lunchlike a prince, and dinnerlike a pauper but most of society has now gotthat the wrong way around. Were not anti carbohydrates theyre essential but its about front-loading them in theday. Most clients cometo us and theyre hardly eating any breakfast,so theyre not firing up their metabolism. And then theyget to lunchand have somethingsugary and theirinsulin bandwidth is all over the place. Then in the evening they eat a massive bowl of rice or pasta, right when i goes unused, so it turns into bodyfat

Kamal Patel, 56, Manchester

My whole life I was a couch potato who was lucky to be slim, even into my 40s. I used to eat loads of sweet stuff: cakes, chocolates, three spoons of sugar in mytea. I was an estate agentand I never walked toappointments. If I did walk, it was to the bakery for lunch!

But then I started to puton a bit of weight around my waist, and mymum and sister werealso diagnosed withdiabetes.

I tried the gym and running on the treadmill and it just didnt gel with me. It also didnt help me with my work stress.

I fell into yoga by accident. I was put off byallthe images out thereof bendy women. Butthere was a hot yoga studio nearmy office and Id oftenwalk past it.

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The golden rules of midlife fitness and all the things youre probably getting wrong - Telegraph.co.uk

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