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The Vital Importance of Sleep – Lotus Holistic Medicine

Posted: March 6, 2018 at 1:41 am

Dr. Rashmi Cabena

Dr Rashmi Cabena recently started consulting at Lotus Holistic Medicine after many years of practising in Melbourne. Dr Cabena takes a patient centred integrative approach to treating her patients, maximising their chances of full recovery and wellbeing. She believes in finding and eliminating the source whilst treating her patients as naturally as possible. With great passion for furthering her knowledge, and with pure dedication to help her patients,

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The fundamental principle of nutritional and environmental medicine is to provide the body with the building blocks it needs to carry out growth, repair and detoxification of metabolic wastes. Secondly to minimize or eliminates anything hindering this process. In practice this often means making changes to diet, exercise, lifestyle, the use of supplements etc. This all occurs in line with well established protocols, including a low-reactive diet regime, supplemental nutrient support, heavy metal elimination etc.

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For those suffering from diseases of the gut, and general cellular dysfunction, absorbing nutrients into the blood-stream can be extremely difficult. This is where nutrients given directly via the injectable route can be extremely helpful. For those with severe viral infections and post-viral fatigue, intravenous vitamin C in particular can be dramatically effective.

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A fundamental principle of many ancient medicine systems was that each persons constitution is unique. In practice, this means that dietary and lifestyle recommendations need to be tailored to the individual. Dr Roger Williams came out with a landmark work called Biochemical Individuality in the 1920s explaining this in detail. Since this work, extensive work has been carried out, predominantly in the United States, on determining an individuals predominant homeostatic systems and balancing these through diet and lifestyle.

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The Vital Importance of Sleep - Lotus Holistic Medicine

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