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Train Your Brain for Half the Price With This Cognitive Fitness App – PCMag.com

Posted: October 16, 2020 at 7:54 pm

If you were getting a little less sharpa little slower on the uptake every dayhow would you know when you'd finally crossed the line? It's a tough question to think about and an even tougher one to answer.

The social media we engage in, the television programs we consume, and most of the apps we use are a great distraction, and they're getting better at it all the time. Ask any expert on mental health and they'll recommend taking time off from those distractions each day to check in on our own mental health. Of course, that doesn't mean throwing your gadgets away entirely.

CogniFitis one of the rare apps that can actually improve your focus; it's designed specifically to keep you sharp and alert to those subtle declines that can happen due to age or other health problems. The app uses a series of quick tests and engaging games to measure 23 key cognitive skills, such as response time, spatial perception, and short-term memory (auditory and visual). Evaluating all of these, it can give you a snapshot of where you're atnot in terms of factual intelligence, but mental acuity.

With a little practice every day, CogniFit can work to keep you at your best and even improve your scores using adaptive algorithms to track progress and compare them to the norms for your age group. The exercises and their application aren't just junk science, though, they're based on rigorous research by professionals in the mental health field. TheUS Navy even used CogniFitto evaluate the mental ability of its pilots, for whom reaction time and focus is critical.

Make some space on your own device for an app that can actually help your state of mind: PCMag readers can get aone-year subscription to CogniFit Premium Brain Training for $49.9958 percent offthe MSRP.

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Train Your Brain for Half the Price With This Cognitive Fitness App - PCMag.com

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