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VZfit for Oculus Quest Launches As The Most Inclusive VR Fitness Platform On The Market – Business Wire

Posted: April 16, 2021 at 1:49 am

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VirZOOM, the company that's transforming exercise through the power of VR, today announced its latest fitness app, VZfit for Oculus Quest 1 & 2, extending workouts to anyone who wants to experience the world and get fit from the comfort of their own home. VZfit is the first fitness app on the Oculus Store that expands users' reality by transporting them to anywhere they want to go, traveling through the world's mountains, countryside or cities with the option of either standalone headset full-body workouts or by connecting to most smart bike devices and trainer sensors. The options and places to go are endless, turning exercise into a new adventure each time.

Since the start of the pandemic, the US has seen a 32% reduction in physical activity. Many people want to be healthy but often can't find the motivation or time to do it. Gym memberships frequently go unused and right now are largely inaccessible, coupled with the growing frustration for people isolating at home to book that next travel adventure. Studies show that users exercise 3-4 times more frequently in VR and a recent Brunel study (with the help of VirZOOM technology) revealed that VR raised exercise enjoyment levels by over 25%.

VZfit was born out of the desire to make the most versatile experience that transports you away from your same four walls and out into the world around you. VirZOOM is the only VR fitness company to tap into Google Maps Street View, alerting you to points of interest along its 10 million miles of Street View data. It lets you take a snapshot along the way that you can instantly post to social, you can workout with a friend, create your own routes or follow suggested rides. It also connects to Strava and Fitbit and comes with professional coaches who give personalized feedback and workout routines that work all muscle groups.

We wanted to combine the limitless possibilities of the world around us with the limitless possibilities of VR, said Eric Janszen, Co-founder and CEO, VirZOOM. Take a selfie at the Coliseum or in front of the Sydney Opera House, or simply take a trip down memory lane - whatever location you choose, with VZfit a world of adventure is literally at your fingertips. Our experiences have always been an exhilarating mix of the real world and the fantastical, but this is the most accessible VR fitness app that uses global exploration as a key motivator, making it so fresh and engaging that exercise almost becomes the side product. Especially in a time when none of us can travel in reality, it already has our community completely hooked.

VZfit is targeted at mid-level fitness groups who are looking for regular, 30-minute exercise sessions. Based on the 3000 Quest beta users to date, average users are almost evenly split male and female with a majority in the 30s to 40s age groups.

After the success of VZplay and Explorer, we wanted to reduce the friction of needing special cardio hardware so we could expand our reach to anyone wanting to stay fit and healthy, said Eric Malafeew, Co-founder and CTO, VirZOOM. We also wanted to expand beyond pure game play to tap into those travel aspirations and the endless options available to us in the real world. Our users are challenging themselves to travel through Japan or cycle across Ireland. Taking that trip youve always wanted builds strong staying power. All you need is a $299 Oculus Quest 2 and a sense of adventure. Were thrilled to be part of the Oculus Quest community - the most mainstream standalone headset on the market today. We cant wait to see where our new Oculus users will explore first.

In VZfit you can

VZfit is a subscription app and available today on the Oculus Quest Store. Enjoy a free 7-day trail then either pay $9.99 per month or a discounted annual membership. For full subscription details visit the Oculus blog.

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VirZOOM Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts company co-founded in 2015 by Eric Janszen, ex-venture capitalist and Eric Malafeew, former chief architect of multimillion selling game titles "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band". First generation product was a software and hardware VR fitness experience compatible with early VR technology. In 2019 VirZOOM shifted to focus on software alone, launching VZplay and Explorer, designed to increase availability through a focus on the Oculus all-in-one headsets. VirZOOM's customers have collectively traveled over 1 million virtual kilometers and burned nearly 40 million total calories. The company has raised $11 million through Wefunder and investors to date. Follow us at: Website, Facebook, Twitter.

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VZfit for Oculus Quest Launches As The Most Inclusive VR Fitness Platform On The Market - Business Wire

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