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Watch This ‘Skinny American’ Get Destroyed by the Russian Army Fitness Test – menshealth.com

Posted: November 13, 2020 at 9:58 am

YouTuber Brandon William tries a lot of fitness challenges which involve plenty of repetition over a month-long period, like doing 100 pullups every day, or practicing the One Punch Man workout. In his latest video, Brandon takes on a one-off physical challenge that is so intense it leaves him gasping for breath: the Russian Army fitness test.

This fitness test is no joke, comprising:

Brandon opts out of the fighting portion of the challenge, but throws himself fully into all of the other rounds, starting with the 3,000-meter run. He's allotted 12 minutes to complete the run, with 11 minutes generally deemed a "gold" score. "Personally I'm not a fan of running, I literally never run, so I'm not expecting the fastest to be honest," he says. He ends up taking more than 15 minutes to run 3,000 meters, which means this first round is a total fail. "That was horrible, that was awful," he says.

Next up is the 100-meter sprint, where the maximum permitted time is 13 seconds. Brandon fares better this time around, but still narrowly misses a passing score, finishing his run in 14 seconds. On a second attempt, he infinitesimally improves, with a time of 13:97. "These Russians are fast," he says.

But the running drills aren't over; he still has to take on the 10 x 10 suicides. He gets his first passing score here, completing all 10 in 23 seconds, which counts as a "great" time.

Moving onto the bodyweight exercises, Brandon is a lot more confident, as this is where he feels a lot more comfortable. In the pullup round, a passing score is 20 reps, while a gold score is 28. He comfortably passes this round with 23 pullups.

For the dips, a minimum of 30 reps is needed to pass: "This is going to be tough," he says. Sadly, this is another fail, as Brandon only manages 23 reps before maxing out. Next up are the full leg raises, where he achieves a minimal passing score of 12 reps. "It doesn't even hurt my core, it hurts my lats more than anything," he says.

In the pushup test, Brandon needs 60 reps just to pass, whereas a gold score would be 75. "That's a lot, especially after all the pullups, running, the leg raises," he says. To his delight, he cranks out 77 reps, smashing this round.

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The final test requires him to bench press his bodyweight for a minimum of 10 reps. "I weigh 145 pounds, and I haven't benched in the longest time, since I normally only do bodyweight workouts," he says. "I don't know if I'm going to pass this one."

Brandon is ultimately able to reach 10 reps for a passing score (he doesn't go any further as he would need a spotter to do so safely), but unfortunately, his overall performance in the challenge means he will not be heading over to Russia for basic training any time soon.

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