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Western medicine teams up..

Posted: November 7, 2010 at 9:22 am

This LA Times article will let you see where Integrative Medicine may be taken over by major medical centers. There are some important observations made by this Times Staff Writer that can help you differentiate for your clients what you offer them from what these centers are doing.

The concerns voiced about appearing unscientific etc. by a cancer patient here is important to appreciate. Please understand that in my view, no one is fully offering adequate Vitamin C based programs to their patients. The books written can provide your patient with scientific information that will help most begin to deal with their problem of ill health, which virtually always needs to be a multifactorial approach. They can start with Irwin Stone's Vitamin C The Healing Factor, which anyone can obtain free of charge from following the links on Wikipedia after you search on Vitamin C, to newer books like Dr Levy and Dr Hickey have written or the audiotape by Dr Riordan. Read more...

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